Florida Scholastic Press Association Book Critique

  • 2019: Gold
  • 2018: All-Florida
  • 2017: Silver Award
  • 2016: Bronze Award

2018 FSPA Spring State Awards

  • Atiya Pikaktrakul: Spring Digital Contests, Personality Portrait, All-Florida
  • Atiya Pikaktrakul: On-the-spot Contests, Editorial Photography, 2nd Place
  • Raquel Gonzalez: On-the-spot Contests, News Photo, 3rd Place
  • Atiya Pikaktrakul: Spring Digital Contests, Spot News Photo, Excellent

2017 FSPA Fall State Awards

  • Kimber Counts: Digital Contests, Themed Photography, All-Florida
  • Moira Kelly: Digital Contests, Deadline Module, All-Florida

2017 FSPA Spring District 7 Awards

  • Stav Sharoni: OTS Caption Writing, 1st Place
  • Rita Kanazeh: Carry-In Contest, Infographic, 1st Place
  • Atiya Pikaktrakul: Carry-In Contest, Personality Portrait, 1st Place
  • Gabriela Garcia: Carry-In Contest, Reaction Photo, 1st Place
  • Alexandra Porras: Carry-In Contest, Yearbook Layout, Second Place
  • Moira Kelly: OTS Illustration, Honorable Mention

2016 FSPA Fall District 7 Awards

  • Juliette Polanco and Stav Sharoni: Pre-submission, Commercial and Poster, 1st Place
  • Moira Kelly: Pre-submission Infographic, 3rd Place
  • Atiya Pikaktrakul and Morgan Malan: Pre-submission, Literary Spread, 3rd Place
  • Gabriela Garcia: On-the-spot Contests, Reaction Photo, Honorable Mention